Project decisions always lead to unintended consequences, sometimes with devastating results. System Dynamics simulation models can be calibrated to react to changes and decisions just as your project would, so that you can:

  • Check future likely consequences of project changes and/or proposed management decisions; and
  • Test a whole range of alternative decisions, to determine the risk involved in each strategy.


What were the “real” causes why your past projects overran schedule and budget? What could have been done differently? What should be done differently next time?

The project may be over, but unless you understand what went wrong, you will be doomed to repeat the same mistakes, over and over.

A retrospective System Dynamics assessment will allow you to dig down to the root causes for the performance losses on your past projects, to test how different project management policies or decisions would have changed the outcome, and to extract “lessons learned” that will help you minimise disruption in the future.

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